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Export Outlook, Apple Mail or Thunderbird

There is an older version of this article - for older versions of your mail client, you therefore can read the older version.

Export Outlook contacts in four easy steps

1. Go to "File" >> "Options".

2. Click the "Advanced" on "Export".

3. Select "Export to a file" and then on "By Comma separated values"

4. Locate the "Contacts" folder, click "Next" and name your export file. Then click on "OK" button and you're done your rapidmail receiver file.

Export Apple Mail Contacts in three easy steps

1. Go to your "Address Book" / in your "Contacts" app and select all addresses with "CMD" + "A". Now click on the "File" menu >> "Export" >> "Export vCard"

2. Name the export file and click "Save". You now have an export file in the vCard format.

3. To convert the vCard file in a CSV file, you need a suitable program. With Excel or Libre Office allows you to convert the file, simply it goes well with the vCard to LDIF / CSV Converter. Choose your vCard file and select the format "CSV". All other settings can be left as and click "Convert" button - ready is your rapidmail receiver file.

Export Thunderbird contacts in three steps

1. Open Thunderbird and click "Adress Book" in the menu.

2. Select the desired Adress Book on the left to export the address list and click above on "Tools" >> "Export".

3. Select the location for the export file, you assign a file name and choose the file type "comma separated (* .csv)". Then please click on "Save".

The generated CSV file can now be imported at rapidmail.

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